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Lightweight Materials for a New World

Connecting People, Technology, and Materials in the Transportation Market

You have a new material or technology with a promising future, yet how do you build a value proposition?  Who do you speak to?  Will they become your champion?  There are always barriers such as cost, material performance, supply chain, and resistance to change.  We understand these hurdles and deploy our proven tactics and strategies to overcome them.

Our Services

High-Tech companies and consortiums work with us because we are match-makers. We match people, technology, companies and solutions. The common denominators are transportation and innovative materials, and lightweighting. 

About Mayflower

Andrew Halonen started Mayflower Consulting in 2009 to focus on market research, technical marketing, sales and business development services with a focus on lightweight materials in transportation. 

Mayflower Consulting helps clients Explore new markets, Discover new product opportunities, and Create new business success, a process that is rooted in the ability to make influential connections.

Recently, Mayflower Consulting has developed a Secure ChatGPT (Amatrium) to allow corporation to produce content securely without the risk of compromising their own data.


Explore our publications for the Light Duty Vehicle and Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle markets. 

Market Research

Discover our study of brake calipers and suspension components and the materials and manufacturing processes currently used in the light duty automotive market.