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New material technologies are constantly in development. Are they suited for the transportation market? What is the incumbent material, and how can I find value to capture market share? Who are the tier suppliers? Will the suppliers push, will the OEM’s pull?

Primary Markets

Military & Defense
Range Limited Vehicles
Freight Efficiency
Suspension & Braking

Technical Sales

Technical Sales is about problem-solving, and bringing the technology the engineering community to efficiently solve a problem.

Technical Sales is about customer service, and utilizing our experience in design, analysis, advanced materials, and the introduction of new technologies to support the many functions in the decision-making process – Materials, Engineering, Prototyping, Testing, Purchasing, Production and Post-Support as required.

Mayflower Consulting is actively working in Technical Sales for Eck Industries, a world-leading aluminum foundry delivering lightweighting with A206 and with complex castings for commercial EV’s, aviation and the military.

The Mayflower Consulting team is leading Amatrium as the President of sales and marketing. Amatrium is a web-based software that utilizes machine learning to assist in material design & process optimization.

The Amatrium team recognized the power of ChatGPT, yet the limitation of data security, and with that insight, AmatriumGPT was borne. This easy-to-use tool enables incredible time savings for corporate applications, as well as the next generation search capability for association libraries.

Technical Business Development​

Customers work with Mayflower Consulting because we are match-makers. We match people, technology, companies, and solutions.  We assist in the development of the value proposition, and the marketing communications to ensure they connect with the engineers who make material decisions. 

Current & Prior Areas of Focus: 
  • Working as the President of Amatrium, Inc. where the focus is on two artificial intelligence (AI) technologies:
    • Machine Learning for material & process development.
    • AmatriumGPT for association libraries, corporate marketing, and company collaboration.
  • Material science is a balance, and in gray cast iron for brakes, the balance is strength, wear resistance, and heat dissipation. A small amount of niobium delivers meaningful, yet cost-effective improvement. There may be a lightweighting opportunity in that ‘a better gray iron needs less of it.’ Working for CBMM, we were able to convince a Big 3 OEM to request niobium-alloyed brake rotors from the world-leading brake producer for their flagship vehicle. This is likely the first of many OEMs who have been engaged by Mayflower Consulting on the client’s behalf, and are looking for brake rotors to comply to EURO 7 and to accommodate semi-met frictions and the upcoming EURO 7 dust regulations.
  • High-performance aluminum castings for powertrain, commercial EV, suspensions & body structures.
  • Prior, 10 years of business development on aluminum metal matrix composite (MMC) brake drums for commercial trucking.
  • New aluminum alloys for body structure, wire, and additive manufacturing (AM). Reference the Testimonials below.

What do our business development customers say?

Market Research and Strategic Marketing​

Customers work with Mayflower Consulting because we bring strong technical skills along with the perspective of your sales and marketing team. We help you uncover the reasons your product solves problems, and how it is better than today’s solution, and if you have gaps, we will find those too.

The real differentiators are seldom obvious, rather you need to develop a solid understanding of the problem, the supply chain, and your solution. Knowing the customer is another critical need. We win together.

Current & Prior Areas of Focus:
  • Aluminum extrusions for automotive applications including EV battery boxes, rockers, crash management, subframes / engine cradles, cross-members, roof racks & running boards. See Publications for related articles in Light Metal Age magazine (
  • Commercial tractor & trailer lightweighting study for the North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE). Recent Lightweighting Study includes electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV), and their interest in weight reduction.
    • Free download:
  • Investigated carbon fiber composite (CFRP) frame rails for commercial trucking.
  • Suspension materials on EV’s, cross-overs, and pickups. Many materials to select; where is your technology winning, and where do your opportunities lie?

Lightweight Material Integration

This is a challenging task because there are many factors that make or break success. To list a few;

  • Material maturity – tested to vehicle specifications?
  • Supply chain – can multiple suppliers compete to offer a competitive pricing and reduce risk of supply?
  • Integration technology – rivets, screws, adhesive, welding?
  • Value proposition robustness with changing market conditions
  • Understanding competitive solutions
Why Mayflower Consulting?

We excel in exploring materials and making connections. These are personal connections with influential people, as well as technical marketing promotional materials that connect with decision-making engineers. A key to our success is our background in mechanical design and analysis, in advanced materials, and in manufacturing.