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Bringing broad perspective insights on ground vehicles and beyond that audiences have enjoyed and appreciated.

Mayflower Consulting is led by Andrew Halonen, who has worked in the industry since 1995. His experience is based on ground vehicles, yet it spans a variety of materials and industries, helping bring broad perspective insight that audiences have enjoyed and appreciated, leading to follow-on appearances.

Our Speaking Events Include the Following

Extrusion Technology (ET24), May 2024, “Machine Learning: The Emerging and Powerful Tool for Material and Process Development and Optimization.”
Extrusion Technology (ET24), May 2024, Panel Discussion speaking on Automotive Voice of Customer research on aluminum extrusions. Other panelists from Rio Tinto, Metal Exchange Corporation / Pennex Aluminum, Hydro Aluminum, SMS Group, and Long Point Associates.
Keynote Speaker at 2023 7th Keith Millis Symposium, October 2023, “Thoughts & Insight on Ductile Iron and CGI for Ground Transportation Applications”
SAE World Congress 2023 in Detroit MI, April 2023 “Automotive
Opportunities for Chassis & Powertrain Castings.”
Aluminum Association, April 2023, “Perspectives on Aluminum Use in Heavy
Duty Vehicles, Challenges & Opportunities.”
Aluminum Association, April 2023, “Perspectives on Aluminum Use in Light
Duty Vehicles, Challenges & Opportunities.”
American Foundry Society Detroit – Windsor, Warren MI, October
2022, “Automotive Opportunities for Chassis & Powertrain Castings.”
CARBON FIBER, November 2021, “Auto Composites: Understanding Materials used in Automotive Structures.”
Ductile Iron Society, June 2021, “Automotive Suspensions & Brake Calipers,
Opportunities & Competition for Ductile Iron.”
Metalcasting Congress, March 2021, “Trends in Reducing Weight in
Lightweighting World Expo, October 2019, Event topic organizer, attracting
speakers, emcee.
NTEA The Work Truck Show 2018, “Transferring Line Haul Knowledge to
Vocational Applications,” Lightweighting with NACFE.

Mayflower's Public Speaking Engagements for These Organizations

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