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2021 Suspension & Brake Caliper Materials Study

Improve Your Go-to-Market Strategy in Suspension & Brake Caliper Materials!


  • A quick preview of the Mayflower Consulting suspension & brake caliper materials study across 20 global brands, 94 vehicles, EV’s, crossovers, SUVs and pickups.
  • Learn how OEM’s make decisions and find opportunities to grow your business.
  • Ideal for Tier 1’s and OEM benchmarking.
  • 750 components made by casting, forgings, stamped & welded steel, and new disruptive technology, the stamped steel / injection molded polymer control arms.

Upper Control Arm Analysis

  • Three popular pickups with three different front upper control arm strategies
  • Are aluminum forgings growing in non-European vehicles?
  • See the disruptive steel-polymer composite technology

Innovation in Automotive Suspensions Metal - Polymer Control Arm

  • Almost 600,000 kg of glass-filled PA6 from just one vehicle brand
  • How far will this composite technology reach?

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