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Automotive Suspension Study

Improve your go-to-market strategy with data & insight on suspension & brake caliper materials!

The new 2020 Suspension Study that captures 94 vehicles across 20 brands, and in the popular and growing segments including cross-overs & SUV’s, pickups & vans, performance & EV’s —

Vehicle Types

10 EV's & Performance

26 Cross-overs & SUVs Under 4,000 lbs

39 Cross-overs & SUVs Over 4,000 lbs

19 Pickups & Vans

Insight Samples

Mayflower Consulting provides insight by vehicle brand, comparing models, even the popular Big 3 pickups to start-up Rivian:

Description & Insights

There are some similarities to the 2017 Mayflower Consulting Suspension & Wheel-End study, yet there are many new features that will help you identify your target opportunities for your technology:

  • Analysis by material, vehicle, cost, weight, process, type of suspension
  • Vehicle comparisons by segment
  • Over 750 components
  • Comparisons to 49 vehicles that are common from prior 2017 study
  • Material selection by vehicle weight and MSRP sales price
  • Much more insight on how to interpret the data to grow your business
  • Insightful analysis on popular topics — 
    • EV Suspensions to the “Skateboard” Chassis
      • Rivian (EV) vs Big 3 (IC engine) pickups
      • Eight EV’s to a common chassis
    • EV weight shift and effect on brakes
    • Next generation metal-polymer composite control arms
    • Chevy Blazer vs. Jeep Cherokee vast difference on lower control arms

Data Samples


Final Report - 80+ pages of Data, Analysis & Mayflower Insight

Excel spreadsheet All data, including comparisons 2017 wheel-end study

2-page Vehicle Profiles for each Vehicle

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